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. police and volunteers right now are searching a landfill in pittsburg for a missing man connected it to a bizarre string of kills. what was said between the tower and pilot and tonight, new information regarding a fatal plane crash in redwood city. a controversial section on craigslist website is gone and
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the possible reason for the censorship. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. good evening everyone. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm mike mibach in tonight for ken wayne. another search for possible clues for investigators trying to solve a mysterious string of killings. ktvu's ken pritchett live in pittsburg with the story. >> reporter: mike, beyond the entrance of this land fill, a long and winding road where our cameras cannot go, police and volunteers continued their safeco for fredrick sales, whose disappearance raises fearez may be the fifth victim anyway bizarre string of
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killings. truck after truck pass through the gets of the keller canyon landfill in pittsburg and while this was hardly any sign of police, they were at the dump site, beyond our cameras, searching. >> it is very time-consuming. you have to search small areas at one time. >> reporter: heroic less police spokesman doreen matthews said they had self leads in the search for fredrick sales, but says the focus is on the land fill because of the connection to the north side business park in hercules. >> the north shore business park is key, because the last vehicle he was seen driving, the cadillac escalade was found there. >> reporter: efren valdemoro was shot dead by the chp after a high-speed pursuit and in his car was the body of his
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girlfriend, cindy tran. he was tied to the death of two women. the valdemoro's alleged string of homicides started, police say, with the beating of ricardo sales, the father of fredrick. >> we continue to search for fredrick. we are continued about his well- being. from news chopper 2 you can see an excavator at the site. police say they are excavating one scoop at' time and allowing a cadaver dog and volunteers by hand to search for any clues. >> some type of material could have been dumped in one of the dumpsters that were brought to this facility on monday, i believe. >> reporter: hercules police say there were about 25 officers and volunteers involved in the search today. they will search until 7:00 toilet.
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that is their plan and they also plan to be back early tomorrow morning, because they are doing this one very small section at a time. police say that this search of this landfill could take a week or more. in pittsburg, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. and ntsb investigators hauled the wreckask a small plane crash from the redwood shores lagoon to a secure facility in sacramento, where they will take a closer look at the debris. three people died which the plane plunged into the lagoon on thursday. 98-year-old robert borrmann, fund of borrmann's steel in palo alto is among the dead. >> they had the bay meadows departure and you make a left- hand turn out. we have had numerous witness reports that is a the aircraft climbed to this location and
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made a right-hand turnout and entered a steep descent. >> investigators say they not know who was piloting at the time of the crash, because either person in the front seat was able to control the aircraft. both male victims sitting up front. 47-year-old suarez was in the passenger seat and another man from san francisco is the third victim. police in san francisco are investigating a shooting that killed a 37-year-old man in visitation valley. officers reponded to the report of shots fire on brookdale avenue near the sunnydale housing complex. the victim was taken to the hospital, where he later died. the 37-year-old has not been identified and no arrests have been made. in oakland, a $15,000 reward is being offered to help solve a fatal drive-by
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shooting. police say two victims were driving near international and someone pulled up next to them and fired into their voc. carter was taken to the hospital, where she died and the 19-year-old was injured. police have no released any information about the gunmen. an early manager crash in oakland left an unusual sign. this car was left overturned for several hours this moing. at 73rd and macarthur boulevard. oakland police steltelektvu news the driver was going too fast down a hill and lost control. the car flipped over and landed on its roof, injuring two people inside. both were taken to the hospital and we don't know the extent of their injuries. there is no word on whether drugs or alcohol was involved or if that driver will face any charges. craigslist has been competenceored and its the site itself doing the censoring. this bar has replaced the adult services section. they say the section promotes
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prostitution and the move comes just two weeks after 17 state attorney generals demanded it. today peninsula congresswoman speer, who has criticized the website said, "the section is down, but not forgetennial. we can't forget the victims and we can't rest easy." a by time oil giant is getting behind an effort to derail one of california's environmental laws. flint politicalhills gave $1 million to proposition 23 campaign. prop 23, if approved by voters would suspend california's global warming law until unemployment falls below 5.5% for four consecutive quarters. the law was written to reduce
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carbon dioxide emissions. . the sun is out and the fog is in and one of those days around the bay area. our meteorologist mark tamayo joins us with a bit of a sneak peek. >> heather, we have clear skies for the inland spots towards concord and livermore and even san josi reporting mostly sunny skies. the cloud a factor near san francisco, pacifica and half moon bay. will were signs ever clearing with the northerly breeze developing. the fog pattern has been on the decrease, but still locally
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dense patches closer to pacifica and san francisco. as far as temperatures from today, you can see the range from 60 in pacifica, san josi topping out at 79 degrees. most areas about 4-8 degrees cooler than yesterday's highs. here is the spot forecast in the south bay, san josi we're expecting clearing skies, partly cloudy skies first thing tomorrow morning at 7:00. 56 degrees by 12:00 and by 3:00 a forecasted high of 81 degrees. that is for tomorrow. coming up i will have, nor on the temperature change that will impact your labor day forecast. well, travel this labor day by car is expected to be up this year. it seems the economy may be keeping people grounded this long holiday weekend. ktvu's christien kafton. >> reporter: labor day is traditionally a big travel weekend and lots of people are sticking close to home, going to festivals around the bay.
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the sausalito art festival was packed today. it's part of a national trend that holiday travelers are sticking closer to home. for many, labor day weekend is that last weekend to get away from it, just as the school year begins. the camp grounds in marin county have been booked for months. for the agazzi family, the trip made a lot of financial sense. >> for the whole weekend i think it was a little over $100, so not too bad. >> reporter: triple-a travel service predicts 33.5 million people are travel more than last year's abysmal numbers, but the research shows while more people are traveling, they are sticking closer to home. an indication that travelers are still keeping a close eye on their money. the sites and sounds of the last days of summer were
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obdismay at sausalito arts festival. organizers expect 32,000 visitors and many from right here in the bay area. >> with the economy, last year, a couple of years ago we went catching. so this year, some local, something fun. >> reporter: there were those bucking the trend. this family is visiting from houston, texas and they see signs a strengthening economy and had planned to go to marriage's vineyard, but when hurricane earl hit, they change their plans to head out west and spend a little money at the sausalito's art festival. >> we spend $3,000, $4,000. we bought a lot of art-triple-a says 90% of travelers are heading out in automobiles. that may have to do with the fact that gasoline prices are down, while airfares are up 9% over this time last year. live in sausalito, kutv channel 2 news. a memorial in at berkeley parking lot is calling the attention to the death of a mountain lion shot by police.
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the people who created the miami or shattack avenue and cedar street, questioned the necessity of the shooting. police say the mountain lion had wandered into the area and even got in eye playground near downtown. officers say they had little choice, but to kill the mountain lion to protect the public. an historic bell stollen from the hillbarn theater six years ago is back home tonight. the grace clapel bell was part of the theater for 60 years before someone stole it in 2004. yesterday someone called the theater and say they saw that bell at a scrap metal shop in san leandro. police checked it out and brought the bell back to the theater. there is no word on how the bell ended up at that scalp metal. find out what triggered ape rub on afghanistans a largest
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bank today. also ahead, hear why former british perform tony blair arrived to a hostile crowd in ireland. it was more of a whimper than a wallop and tropical storm earl and what is now in his pafnlgt
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christchurch airport was closed for inspections. in ireland, former british improvement, tony blair got less than a hero's welcome after the public book signing of his memoir. police arrested for the people after scuffles broke out. mr. blair's best-seller upset opponents, specifically those angered about britain joining in the u.s.-led invasion of
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iraq. after the signing, he was whisked away in a car, while protesters threw eggs and shoes. blowout preventer on the bp oil well was hoisted to the surface, giving investigators their first look at the failed equipment. now if it had been working properly, the preventer would have sealed the well at the sea bottom after an eruption. engineers have since put in he operation a new blowout priester to stop any further leakage. in his weekly adirection president obama took credit for an economy he says would have been far worse if not for his recovery plan. this comes as the white house plans a major push of economic initiatives after the labor day holiday. our julie kirst with details. >> reporter: calling this the worst resection of our lifetime, president obama says the middle-class has been squeezed the most and he promised to work hard to turn
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that around. he spends the weekend at camp david, but obama used his labor day weekend address to talk about those, but his comments followed more discouraging news from the labor department that the economy shed 54,000 jobs in august and the up employment rate ticked up to 9.6 per share. >> and long before this recession hit, the middle-class had been taking some hard shots. long before this recession, the values of hard-working and responsibility that built this country had been given short thrift. >> reporter: many say it's time to do something now. >> the nation's unemployment rate has been above 9% for 16 consecutive months, this is despite the fact that the obama administration promised that
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the trillion-dollar stimulus would keep unemployment below 8%. so the question remains, where are the jobs? >> reporter: expect more talk about jobs, and the middle- class from the president after a weekend at camp david. he hits the road, pushing his economic message, aids say on wednesday he will lay out a new set of ideas in a speech from cleveland, but not a big new stimulus plan like last year's. in washington, julie cuts, fox news. tropical storm earl spared the northeast, but right now whipping through the canadian maritime provinces. the eastern canadian coast is bracing for earl'spt miles per hour winds. a hurricane watch, however, is still in effect for part of nova scotia and tropical storm warnings has been posted for prince edward island and new brunswick. hard to believe we're talking
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about the labor day weekend and summer is winding down. let's check in with our meteorologist mark tamayo and really tent t-wasn't much i of a summer day. >> at least if you want the warmer temperatures you might like the labor day forecast, but beyond that point, there are big changes. right now on the map, a quick update on what is now tropical storm earl. there is the center of circlation with winds around 65 miles per hour. pack here did in the bay area, we have the fog hugging part of the coastline, at least the southern hatch half of the coastline. a look outside, we can show you the fog bank. our emeryville camera across the pay. weather story is this, pinpointy fog expected overnight. tomorrow, clearing skies and temperatures warming up for your labor day. the warmest locations inland on
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monday would be inland in the 90s. so this has been the overall weather pattern, cooling off the bay area over the past couple of the days. it continues to move out. clearing skies, but look at what happens into monday. high pressure returns. key here is that we have more of an offshore flow and temperatures on monday around 70 near the immediate coastline. temperatures inland around 93, possibly 94 degrees. first thing tomorrow morning, partly sunny and we could have locally dense patches of fog. afternoon hours, temperatures warming up inland back to the upper to mid 90s. oakland tops out at 73 and livermore in the upper 80s. these temperatures will check in around 3:00 oar 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. san francisco tops out right around 68 degrees. here is a look ahead, your five-
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day forecast and monday, definitely will be the warmest day of your forecast. you can see the temperatures inland back into the lower 90s, but look at what happens for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. a significant dropoff in temperatures. in fact, by wednesday, heather and mike, warmest locations in the low to mid-70s. >> thank you, mark. some young athletes get expert tips from a basketball great. who was on the court today and how this basketball clinic is teaching kids more than the perfect layup. south of laredo, there's a place...
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so hot, rattlesnakes combust. ♪
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. oakland children got a chance to train with an nba player today. leon howee an oakland native and forward for the cleveland caves was at the high school today. the triple threat academy is host a two-day basketball catch to raise money for powe's non- profit service, which uses basketball to teach life skills. >> he represents oakland now in the nba and he does so much in the community. working with kids. a lot of people just don't know
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about. so we're very, very proud of leon and that is why we're here supporting him. >> the basketball catch costs $25 per day, which benefits fresh start. children are still welcome to join terms action from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. organizers say no one will be turned away from that camp. >> such cute little ones. nice to see people giving back and speaking of giving back, cal dominated. >> the first game of the season from the cal bears, went justs away it is supposed to. when a pac-10 schedules davis, it's supposed to win by a lot. 23-yard play makes it 7-0. the bears ended with a 28-second quarter. allen can't find the receiver and just heads the other way and runs about 40 yards for an 18-yard score of. allen scores a couple of
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touchdowns and showed his versatility. vereen in the end zone three times, that ended up to a dominating cal performance for a 52-3 win. the cardinals added to the lead. baldwin haulses in the 81-yard score, but the hornets answered back with with the 70-yard punt return and it was 14-7. another big play for stanford, this time stephen taylor with the screen. the blocking set it up perfectly and taylor goes to the end zone, 21-7. right now stanford leads 45-17. the oakland as seem to be doing all right these days against any team not named the new york yankees. a's leading the angels in the
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6th. elkouzmanoff comes home dawn's 3-0. that is more than enough support for cahill. cahill improves to 15-6. >> giants geth at dodger stadium, beginning of playing three back in the west. thank you, joe. coming up on the 10:00 news, censored and users of the popular craigslist website might notice something was missing and what it could mean for those fighting crime. the story tonight on the 10:00 news. that will do it for us. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm mick mibach. for all of us here at the ktvu channel 2 news, thanks for watching. we'll see you back here at 10:00. >> good night.
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